Upgrade Notes for Dropwizard 0.9.x

Migrating Auth

  1. Any custom types representing a user need to implement the Principal interface

  2. In your Application#run add

  3. Create an Authorizer

    public class ExampleAuthorizer implements Authorizer<User> {
      public boolean authorize(User user, String role) {
        return user.getName().equals("good-guy") && role.equals("ADMIN");
  4. Create an AuthFilter using your Authenticator and Authorizer

    final BasicCredentialAuthFilter<User> userBasicCredentialAuthFilter =
            new BasicCredentialAuthFilter.Builder<User>()
                    .setAuthenticator(new ExampleAuthenticator())
                    .setRealm("SUPER SECRET STUFF")
                    .setAuthorizer(new ExampleAuthorizer())
  5. Register AuthDynamicFeature with your AuthFilter

    environment.jersey().register(new AuthDynamicFeature(userBasicCredentialAuthFilter));
  6. Register the AuthValueFactoryProvider.Binder so with your custom user type if you have one

    environment.jersey().register(new AuthValueFactoryProvider.Binder(User.class));
  7. Annotate resources methods that already have @Auth with @RolesAllowed("admin") where admin is a role

    $ curl 'testUser:secret@localhost:8080/protected'
    Hey there, testUser. You know the secret!

UnwrapValidatedValue Changes

With the upgrade to Hibernate Validator 5.2.1.Final, the behavior of @UnwrapValidatedValue has slightly changed. In some situations, the annotation is now unnecessary. However, when inference is not possible and is ambiguous where the constraint annotation applies, a runtime exception is thrown. This is only a problem when dealing with constraints that can apply to both the wrapper and inner type like @NotNull. The fix is to explicitly set false or true for @UnwrapValidatedValue

For instance if you previously had code like:

public String heads(@QueryParam("cheese") @NotNull IntParam secretSauce) {

Where @NotNull is meant to apply to wrapper type of IntParam and not the inner type of Integer (as IntParam will never yield a null integer). Hibernate Validator doesn’t know this, but it does know that @NotNull can be applied to both IntParam and Integer, so in Dropwizard 0.9.x the previous code will now fail and must be changed to

public String heads(@QueryParam("cheese") @NotNull @UnwrapValidatedValue(false) IntParam secretSauce) {

For more information on the behavior changes, see accompanying table for automatic value unwrapping

Logging bootstrap

If you configured console logging in your tests with a utility method shipped with Dropwizard, you should replace calls of LoggingFactory.bootstrap to BootstrapLogging.bootstrap.