Upgrade Notes for Dropwizard 1.0.x

Change the project compile and target level to 1.8

Dropwizard 1.0.0 is compiled against JDK 1.8 uses its features extensively. So, to use this version of Dropwizard your project should be compiled and targeted to run on JDK 1.8.

Remove the dropwizard-java8 module

Support for Java 8 features is now provided out of the box.

Migrate dropwizard-spdy to dropwizard-http2

If you used the SPDY connector, you should use the HTTP/2 integration now.

# - type: spdy3
- type: h2
  port: 8445
  keyStorePath: example.keystore
  keyStorePassword: example

Replace Guava’s Optional by java.util.Optional in Dropwizard public API

Although Guava’s Optional should be still supported in your Jersey and JDBI resources, Dropwizard API now exposes optional results as java.util.Optional.

For example, in authenticators you should change Optional.absent to Optional.empty.

Migrate your Hibernate resources to Hibernate 5

Checkout the Hibernate 5.0 migration guide

Add missing @Valid annotations

In 0.9.x, @Validated was sufficient to enable validation. In 1.0.x, it is necessary to include @Valid as well.