Upgrade Notes for Dropwizard 2.1.x

Hibernate Validator Expression Language overhaul

The Expression Language is now disabled by default for custom violations.

The @SelfValidating feature has been a source of various security vulnerabilities in Dropwizard:

This originally lead to the introduction of SelfValidating#escapeExpressions().

Due to some changes regarding the interpolation of messages in custom violations in Hibernate Validator 6.2.0.Final and later, this flag is not required anymore and has been removed in Dropwizard 2.1.0.

While strongly discouraged, you can enable EL interpolation in custom violations with Hibernate Validator, by customizing the HibernateValidatorConfiguration created by Validators#newConfiguration() and use the Hibernate Validator instance created from it in your application via Environment#setValidator(Validator).

Details about these changes in Hibernate Validator can be found at: