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Dropwizard & Scala

The dropwizard-scala module provides you with glue code required to write your Dropwizard services in Scala.

Dropwizard services should extend ScalaService instead of Service and add ScalaBundle:

object ExampleService extends ScalaService[ExampleConfiguration]) {
  def initialize(bootstrap: Bootstrap[ExampleConfiguration]) {
    bootstrap.addBundle(new ScalaBundle)

  def run(configuration: ExampleConfiguration, environment: Environment) {
    environment.addResource(new ExampleResource)


dropwizard-scala provides the following:

  • QueryParam-annotated parameters of type Seq[String], List[String], Vector[String], IndexedSeq[String], Set[String], and Option[String].
  • Case class (i.e., Product instances) JSON request and response entities.
  • Array[A] request and response entities. (Due to the JVM’s type erasure and mismatches between Scala and Java type signatures, this is the only “generic” class supported since Array type parameters are reified.)